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It’s Not Better Down Where It’s Wetter



After my adventures with Wrathion’s errands, I decided to take a little trip to…cool off, so to speak. I thought a nice, relaxing cruise was in order on my way to visit these Eastern Kingdoms to see an undead man about a horse. Sadly, not only did this Huntsman NOT have the horse I sought, out ship was attacked and we capsized just of the coast of Dun Morogh! But the horse story is a tale for another time, I fear.

After we capsized, our little crew was saved by my brothers and sisters in the Earthen Ring. Misfortune, sadly, reared its ugly head again when our safe haven was attacked by the naga. What is up with those naga, anyway? They look so familiar. Like I’ve seen then somewhere before. Perhaps it is just the imagination of an old Pandaren man. We managed to save the rest of our small crew, however, and we made war on the naga. There was a mage among us, skilled in illusion magic, and he cast some sort of spell on me to allow me to infiltrate the naga camps and penetrate their defenses. I am no rogue, but I hope I did my duty admirably. The form, well, it left something to be desired.


What in the Celestial’s name, Cordrimas? Does he have some secret fetish for the naga?! I never believe I would ever say this, but I tire of magical spells and objects transforming me into women. I was born a male, damn it!

I did take the chance while down there to get more in touch with the element of water. The Water-Speakers were good teachers, however, being so close to the Abyssal Depths was an incredible experience! I had never felt quite so powerful with my healing arts as I did down there. I wish there was a way to bottle that and take it with me! No one seemed to mind my healing, since they were already wet, anyway. I guess I washed the seawater off?

The remnants of the Twilights Hammer seem to continue their tenuous alliance with the naga down there. According to the Earthen Ring, there has been no sign of Neptulon since his mysterious disappearance some time ago. I do hope we find him soon. Who knows what those Twilights and the naga plan to do with him? I would not like to meditate on this.

The wildlife down there is interesting. While it is beautiful, I fear there are too many things down there that would wish to eat me and/or my keg totems. The whale sharks seem passive enough if not provoked, and Nespirah was…different. All of the sharks and odd little sea-goblins were a nuisance, but nothing I could handle with a well-timed chain lightning. By the way, chain lightning underwater? Not a good idea. I believe I shocked myself along with those that would attack me. What bothered me, aside from those deep sea murlocs, was that giant squid, Ozumat. I thought that Dontrag-the-squid off the coast of Towlong was bothersome! Ozumat is about ten times the size of the other and appears to have an appetite for elemental lords, according to the Earthen Ring.

Wait….perhaps that was what happened to Neptulon!

Travel Log: Azshara! (Part 1)

I will admit, Azshara was far easier to reach in my travels, just being outside Orgrimmar’s main gate. I cannot fathom what kind of operation is running out there, though. If it was the Shado-Pan running this operation, all of the problems would have been handled permanently (it seriously helps when you have top Pandaren on the payroll). There were Night Elves assaulting the main gate and Goblin shredders running wild out there! Meanwhile, the goblin foreman, Grabbit, was beside himself with the Kor’kron commander yelling at him. Yet another time I wish I did not have my keen sense of smell. Goblin urine…ick! These problems posed little challenge for me, to be quite honest. I even felt a little refreshed when I switched to my Spirit Wolf form and bit some of the Night Elf scouts. Then there were some problems at a nearby mine. I will never understand Goblins.

My next adventure came from a pretty elf woman who asked me to investigate the ghosts around a nearby lake. Being accustomed to spirits, it was another trivial task. Then the elf asked me to become one with one of the spirits. That, I will admit, I am less comfortable with.

ImageI do not believe this is what I signed up for when I started my travels. I was so…SKINNY! And no fur! But it was for a good cause. The elf asked me to discover what had happened at the lake. It turns out that these ghosts were students at an old Highborne school, protecting their outpost from the Burning Legion and they paid for it with their lives. A more noble undertaking, I cannot imagine.

After shaking off the unsettling feeling of becoming an undead elf, I decided to do some exploration of the area. Did you know that the Goblins have their own resort out there?! With a swimming hole and everything! I could not pass up the temptation for a little rest and relaxation, so I decided to stop there for the day. I will have more later, after I sleep off these drinks… They kept refilling my little coconut cup with rum. How could I resist?