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An Introduction of Sorts


Hello Azeroth online! My name is Shen Wei Pureblossom. I am a battle-mender and elementalist for the Shado-Pan, although my recent travels with the Horde Warchief around Pandaria have prompted me to leave my homeland for an adventure. I am hoping to explore all of Azeroth and beyond, however long that may take. I look forward to starting this journey.

As for myself, I am most known for being a touch…gruff with the trainees I come across. You would be surprised by how well a staff hit to the head will quell any misbehavior among the ranks. I have been married many wonderful years to the most wonderful woman, Yu Ling. She is a mage in the service to the Celestial Yu’lon. Together, we raised our children and watched them grow. My daughter, Sunchati, is a priestess to the Chi-Ji, although she has recently retired from a life of adventure. She and her husband, Zian, have settled down in the Valley of the Four Winds to raise their son, Hassun. It is a most honorable undertaking, and definitely the most worthwhile. I will just have to spoil my grandcub rotten with gifts from my travels! We had a son as well, but he perished during the first major manifestations of the Sha after the outsiders landed on Pandaria. My dear Sunny honored him by naming her son after her brother.

Now, as for where I start my adventures, that is where you, my dear readers, come in! I know little about the world outside of Pandaria, aside from what other adventurers have told me. So, where should I start my journey?