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Diary of a Shado-Pan chronicles the travels of Shen Wei Pureblossom and the adventures (misadventures?!) he will get into while exploring the greater world beyond Pandaria. His travels will take him all around Azeroth and the shattered world of Outland, aiding people, killing beasts, punting gnomes, and anything else he may happen to come across. He might even venture into some instances at the audience’s request! Due to all the wibbly-wobbly time inconsistencies between expansions, I might run into a few road blocks along the way, like the”Wait, I thought the Legion was defeated and we punched Kil’Jaedan back into the Nether crying to Sargeras!” kind of blocks. I’ll figure it out as I go.




About the Author:

I’m known as Sacrificial Panda to some, Hecubah to others, and Shenwei to even more. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since February of 2011, but I’m not a stereotypical Cata-baby. I actually began my foray into the Warcraft world at eight years old when my dad played the original Orcs vs. Humans. I’d help him do base placement and point out resource nodes he’d need to build more, even if he didn’t approve of me watching the pixelated violence and necromancy. I missed out on WC2, but picked it up again with WC3. A bad internet connection (we only had dial up where I live until recently) plus friends complaining about the poor drop rates on some quests deterred me from WoW until 2011 when my girlfriend got me into it. I’m generally a pretty friendly person in the game so feel free to add my battletag HecuShen#1243 if you want to talk lore, need a pocket healer or shaman advice, or just want to chat!

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