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At the Writer’s Desk

Hello! Emily/Shen Wei here. I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I do still have a huge interest in the blog, but the real life raid boss wiped me. Between work-induced writer’s block and my mom breaking her arm, there hasn’t been much for me to blog about ICly for Shen, barring an amusing song parody or two. Also, once I got my WoD beta invite, all hope of loremaster was lost in lieu of exploring what Draenor has to offer. By the way, the sideways hats on the NPCs are quite the riot when you try and figure out just what in the world is on their heads (I’m looking at you, Drek’thar!). Anyway, I hope to run around on Shen a bit more in Azshara to rejuvenate my lacking creativity at the moment. In the meantime, have a funny picture of Thrall from WoD to tide you over:


“Me Thrall! Thrall want banana! Banana good for Thrall! Thrall wet himself again. Thrall need to change Doomplate before Doomplate rust…”