A Parody of Sorts…

(Many thanks/love to The Brothers Chaps/They Might Be Giants for this! I heard it on my WinAmp and the parody pretty much wrote itself from there! Official version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4-kP8Ps8ys)

After all my time exploring the Earth Online world, I came across a crudely animated machinima called “Homestar Runner” and felt this song was ripe for Azerothian parody.

Weeeeelllllll, Mortimer would talk!
And Saurfang would always rock!
And Orgirmmar would be new and would pwn everyone except Mort and me!
(Eitrigg: And me!)
(Garrosh: We’ll see!)
And Tryande would be undeground in a box filled with droods!
(Tyrande: I HATE DRUIDS!)
(Garrosh: I KNOW!)
Baine would give away axes that shoot awesome OP Saurfangs!
And stupid What’s His Face would’ve been born with horns and a tail!
(Lor’themar: MY NAME IS-!)
And Genn would rock this new jacket!
(Genn: 100% Worgen fur!)
And Varian just couldn’t hack it!
(Varian: I quit!)
And Sylvanas would’t change at all except keep plaugin’ up Andorhol!
And this little weirdo (summons up Velen) would turn into a modestly hot girl, to help me through the hard times! Except they’d only be sorta hot so they don’t mess around with other elves!

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