A Most Strange Occurance…

(Apologies to Averry over at the Warchief’s Command Board for this post. I blame all those late-night WoW sessions for this!)

I had the most unusual encounter last week in the Undercity. As you know, last week was Children’s Week, so I decided to venture forth and adopt my own orphan orc for the week. It was a wonderful journey, full of fun and adventure. Then, Grunth asked me to take him to the Undercity to meet with the Banshee Queen. Never having been there myself, I agreed. Oh, Celestials, the stench in that place! It is times like this I wish I did not have the keen nose I have!

However, I am distracting myself. While Grunth rushed up to talk to Sylvanas, who was treating everyone to an impromptu concert, a female Draenei leaped into view just as I was about to snap a picture of our visit on one of those Goblin devices!

Shay photobomb


She introduced herself as Shayari, then asked me if I liked her hat. Now, I may be new to this whole “two factions at war” thing, but I find it highly suspect that a female Draenei was running around the Undercity, with the Warchief’s axe no less! She also asked, if I were to post this here, that she promises to return the axe once she was done dealing with an orc named Bragor. He apparently made some sort of remark about her that was unseemly, so she “borrowed” the axe to deal with him. I do not question her motives, but I cannot blame her for her reaction. If it were my Sunny those remarks were made to, I would have deep-fried him with lightning and returned the ashes to Orgrimmar via Fourth Rate Goblin post!

4 responses to “A Most Strange Occurance…”

  1. Arakkoa says :

    Where did she get a tail?

    …I just realized how dirty that may have sounded.

    • shadopanshamy says :

      (I blame Model Viewer for that one!)

      I do not know. Perhaps you should ask the “scientists” at the Appothecarium? Although you might walk out of there learning more than you would ever care to.

      • Arakkoa says :

        I’ve been there. Faranell is an old acquaintance. Nothing that would shock me.

      • shadopanshamy says :

        It certainly shocked me! I never wanted to know that you could do such things with mere herbs. It makes my Sunny’s experimental brewing look tame in comparison!

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